nGUVU Announces Availability of nGAGEMENT on Genesys AppFoundry

Marketplace of business applications focused 100% on customer experience; nGUVU leverages industry-leading Genesys Customer Experience Platform to deliver world-class solutions

nGUVU, a contact center gamification company, has launched nGAGEMENT on the Genesys AppFoundry ( - a newly available online marketplace focused on customer experience solutions. The AppFoundry allows Genesys customers to discover, research and connect with a broad range of customer experience applications, integrations and services that address their unique customer needs.

nGAGEMENT is a cloud-based gamification solution that creates sustained agent engagement in contact centers. Built on the Genesys Customer Experience Platform (, nGAGEMENT is currently available at!overview.

"With nGAGEMENT, you can transcend the limitations of present-day contact center contests by using software-based game mechanics to 'gamify' not just one but any number of key performance indicators (KPI's). nGAGEMENT leverages multiple game mechanics, including avatars, bull's eyes, leaderboards, challenges and sparks, to drive improvement in multiple KPIs simultaneously and in real time," said Max Mastrocola, Chief Revenue Officer at nGUVU.

In addition, nGAGEMENT leverages social media features such as cheers—similar to Facebook "likes"—and quizzes and surveys to ensure a holistic experience for contact center workers. These features allow nGAGEMENT to boost motivation and engagement for both agents and supervisors to completely transform their work experience.

A team of nGUVU contact center experts will assist with the deployment of nGAGEMENT.

"Genesys is founded on a history of collaboration and openness and with the AppFoundry we are launching a global call to action for partners to create world-class applications and solutions to help our customers take their customer experience to the next level," said Reed Henry, Chief Marketing Officer at Genesys. "Companies like nGUVU are harnessing the power of the AppFoundry and the Genesys Customer Experience Platform in creative ways to help our customers differentiate through a single marketplace that addresses their unique needs."

About nGUVU
nGUVU is a cloud-based software company focused on innovative gamified solutions that create sustained agent engagement in contact centers. We improve contact center performance, one agent at a time. For more information, visit

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